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Re: Captain Worf

Speaking of Troi and the Titan, I wonder what ship he would get. I doubt it would be the Titan with that clearly being Rikers ship and I don't entirely buy him as CO of the Enterprise...I barely even buy him as XO of the Enterprise.

I could see him getting the Defiant, sort of a continuation of what we briefly saw in First Contact and then later during the war. Plus, canonically, the state of the Defiant is unresolved, so they could give him the ship and do some stories even before Nemesis.

A new ship perhaps? Something fitting his warrior nature.

Who's to say he even gets a Starfleet ship. Perhaps Martok gives him a Bird of Prey to go handle some diplomatic mission, the captain is killed and Worf is forced to step up and take command.

Who knows really. What I'm wondering though, is if they do go with a Starfleet ship, what 24th century sets do they even still have in storage. Weren't most of them destroyed/scrapped or sold. Would they really go to the trouble of rebuilding an entire set for one film? Maybe they go all green screen. With a good budget you can get good results, but if done on the cheap it can often look bad.
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