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25th Century Starfleet Uniforms

[Full size here]

Based on designs seen in IDW's Star Trek: Countdown graphic novel, Cryptic Studios' Star Trek Online MMORPG, and various Star Trek TV series from TNG onwards.

Probably one of the most substantial vector art projects I've undertaken to date.

Departmental Colors

Red = Command, Tactical, Security
Gold = Engineering and Operations
Blue = Science and Medical


Duty Uniforms
General-purpose work uniforms designed for comfort. Nanoweave fabric absorb a significant portion of discharge from energy weapons, increasing survivability.

Dress Uniforms
For formal occasions such as award ceremonies, change of command and funerals.

Admiralty Jackets
Most Starfleet Command flag officers would wear the standard command red version. For those in charge of special commands e.g Admiral Beverly Crusher of Starfleet Medical or Admiral Montgomery Scott of SCE, sciences blue and engineering gold variants are available.

Mess Uniforms
The equivalent of formal evening wear, or for hosting dignitaries. Starfleet Band uniform is based on conjecture from Star Trek Nemesis

Academy Cadet Uniforms
The nature of "Declared" means that some cadets may take courses across departments, in which case the uniform denotes their major.

Cadets serving aboard ships and starbases would probably wear regular duty uniforms with cadet ranks.

Academy Staff Uniforms
Administration Staff uniforms are again based on conjecture.

Academy Services denote amenities like groundskeepers, technical staff, tailors etc.

Undershirts / Undergarments
Self-explanatory. I do suspect females would have a wider choice of colors, though.

Cold Weather Jacket
Inspired by the low-key and practical designs seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Physical Training
Can alternatively be used as as excursion uniforms for hotter climates.

Surgical Scrub
The red used in TNG's scrubs are hideous, so I've opted for a nice pastel blue.

Extra-vehicular activity (EVA)
Probably the most challenging to recreate based on a handful of reference images.

Section 31
Black leather jackets and trousers for a department that, well, doesn't really exist

Not planned

Nurse Uniforms - They're medical staff.

Counsellor Uniforms - In ST: ODY, counsellors are also considered part of the medical department.

Diplomatic Corps - Comfortable civilian clothes under a robe would suffice.

Starfighter Corps - I consider Peregrine crews as volunteers from the complements of various ships, rather than a dedicated unit.

Marines - Absolutely not. Starfleet is a peacekeeping and exploration organisation, and only as a last resort do they use military force to protect their interests.

LCARS color scheme inspired from STO.
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