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Re: Are there too many "convenient" planets or scenarios to beam down

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For that image? What's up with the moon and why is it so close? Is it inhabited and indeed, does its proximity effect the planet in some way beyond simple tidal forces? What's with the low cloud cover? Is the atmosphere unusually thin? Are those lakes of water, or so sort other liquid? If it's not water, is it dangerous to go swimming? Is it even liquid, it could be frozen from the looks of it. Why do things looks sort of hazy? What's up with those blue/purple bushes? If that is the local star to the left of the moon, is it flashing or pulsing for some reason and if so why? Why is the sky that color? Why is there no vegetation, other than those blue bushes and what appears to be grass? There are no trees or any other kind of plants anywhere. Are there any animals in the vicinity? Spock, have we been here before? This matte painting looks like the planet we visited a few weeks ago.

But none of that is really important to the scene at hand and would feel unnatural.
You forgot to quote the part right after that paragraph where I said I was kidding. Of course I don't expect them to get into all of that, unless the story specifically called for it. I was pointing any question I could think of, into response to Timo's post about what more the the matte painting could possibly cover.

Sure, it does a great job setting the scene, but to say the landscape doesn't raise any questions, is off the mark. So to simply point out that questions could be asked, I rattled off a list of things that came to mind...and to be honest I wasn't even sure what episode that was from, and how it might have fit into the narrative of a specific story didn't even come to mind. I was just pointing out questions for the sake of pointing them out.
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