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Re: TP: Brinkmanship by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Really excited about this, I hope the Aventine and her crew will be the main focus, with the Enterprise playing a smaller role as in the last 2 TP books, we are getting a TNG trilogy starting next month after all!!
I'd like them to have an equal amount of screen time (page time), though I do agree that Ezri should have a big focus, she sort of took the back seat in Zero Sum Game, if I remember right.
Yep. Certainly, show us her inner thoughts and feelings, instead of limiting her characterization to dialogue.

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Let's just hope Una will make Ezri less of an arrogant know-it-all. From the first relaunch novels, novel-Ezri has not been a very good character to me, even though I really liked Ezri in season 7 of DS9.
I'm not sure "arrogant" is the right word there. To arrogate something is to assert a status or privilege to which one is not actually entitled. Dax has lived for over 300 years, done many different jobs, and been joined to a number of brilliant individuals. So any Trill who's joined to Dax is going to know, if not "it all," then certainly an exceptionally large percentage of "it." She's not just putting on airs, trying to act superior; she really is that smart, and she's just using what she's got,
Not exactly. There was the notorious incident when Ezri snapped at Julian in This Grey Spirit, basically accusing him of not accepting her growth or something. (The book also had her lashing out at Shar, too....)

There was her frankly sorry lines of reasoning for wanting to end the relationship with Bashir (not just "You were in love with Jadzia"--he wasn't--but "we came together not knowing whether we'd live past the first day, and that doesn't bode well for a stable relationship".).

And then there was the clash in ZSG. Look, I'm possibly the biggest Ezri fan on the whole BBS--and I wouldn't shrug off those frankly childish moments as "just really being that smart and using what she's got".

rather than resisting it as Ezri did in her first year as a joined Trill.
No, she wasn't resisting--by any stretch of the imagination. In her own words, she was trying to set herself apart from her previous hosts--that is, not let their past experiences force her onto any set path of career or personality.

A shame, to be blunt, that the Relaunch writers seemed to want to jettison that, instead of explore the implications and results of that choice.
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