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Re: Rename The Motion Picture

You're mischaracterizing much of what I said.

It was common practice to block book films into theaters. TMP had about a year after principle photography to be completed, and that's normally enough time. The politics around the firing of ASTRA (Able) and Trumbull's taking over made this deadline tighter. But this kind of thing happens all the time, and a good producer deals with it.

And I'm sorry, but TMP's effects mess contributed to the editorial problems. Had they trimmed back the number of shots when they realized they had a problem they could have had a more normal final edit process. I'm not saying they had too few effects shots, but they had too many and waiting for those to be delivered injured the film's post production process.

I said nothing about a rush-rush mentality, merely that it was bad producing to not limit the risks by trimming unnecessary shots (as Trumbull did when he convinced Wise to scrap the existing spacewalk in favor of something achievable). I'd appreciate it if you'd not put words in my mouth, and to read what I write instead of fabricating argument I've not made.
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