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Re: Galileo 7 – Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

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Also, why is it that every surviving member of the “Galileo 7” appears on the bridge in the last scene to enjoy a light-hearted laugh at the re-telling of the event, including Yeoman Mears, but excluding Boma? Maybe Boma was confined to the brig? Or sickbay?
Memory Alpha suggests that Boma was placed on report by Mr. Scott, which ultimately led to a court martial and his dismissal from Starfleet, largely due to his attitude toward Spock, which Scott noted was both unprofessional and insubordinate. What surprises me is that only Boma received any punishment for his behavior, as I thought that McCoy should have been punished, as well. On the other hand, McCoy was part of Kirk's inner circle, which probably protected him from any negative action.
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