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Re: Has the Blood & Chrome miniseries aired yet?

^ Nah, she just said she was a cylon - clearly and repeatedly. Specifically, she said she was Caprica Six, and she even "continued" a sexual relationship with Baltar. But then Downloaded happened and Head Six and Cap Six had always been two separate entities, which obviously makes that particular angel a damn dirty liar.

Also, Head Six in one first-season episode says to Baltar of Boomer that "her model is weak", the exact words used by a Six on Caprica when discussing the fake Sharon who has been assigned to seduce Helo. In the latter case it appears that the Six is concerned that Athena might be distracted by her emotions; in the former, Head Six associates conscience with egregious sentimentality, just as in Superman 2 where Ursa speculates that Supes protects the humans because he sees them as pets.
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