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Re: Why No "Captains' Table" Story For Spock?

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I never really thought about it before, but it is rather surprising that Spock didn't get a story in any of the Captains' Table stuff.
Isn't it? Especially since stories from other, lesser-known captains were included. The second book was said to be the end of the series, and no new CT books are in the works, but it would be nice to see Spock eventually have a story featuring him in a command situation, akin to his roles in The Galileo Seven, The Paradise Syndrome, and The Tholian Web. And, as it's tradition for each new captain to be guided to the CT universe by a friend or former commanding officer, it's entirely plausible that Spock could have been invited by either Kirk or Pike, as he served with both for so many years.
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