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Re: Could "Star Wars" happen in the 23rd Century Mirror Universe?

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Personally, I would have preferred that Star Trek "Eleven" had stayed true to the general established themes of Star Trek's several hundred hours of history. Changing Star Trek into Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Titanic, or whatever simply in order to achieve box office is a less desirable end.

Yes Temis, if you alter it heavily enough, you can make a generic summer movie with girls in their underwear and lots of explosions and in the end the slacker who got it right once gets a big reward with out trying very hard. Despite the title, that isn't Star Trek.

And maybe I would like a smaller fall/winter movie, with a smaller budget, more interesting characters and fewer special effects. If the end result is that it is what it says it is.

Star Trek

Thing is Star Trek contains multitudes. There is no one type of Star Trek story. TOS especially produced every type of story imaginable. ST09 is as much a Star Trek story as The Trouble With Tribbles, Spock's Brain and City On the Edge of Forever.
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