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Re: Q&A with Kirsten Beyer!

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I wonder if JJ Abrams might have a scene with Janeway and a few others talking about what occurred to Prime Spock in the new Star Trek movie, and they wanted to make sure that Janeway was back.
Of course not. That doesn't make any sense for a variety of reasons, paramount among them (no pun intended) that the movies have always been free to just ignore what was happening in the novels. The novels are read by such a tiny fraction of the moviegoing audience -- 1 to 2 percent -- that it really wouldn't matter what the novels did.

There's also the fact that the whole point of creating the alternate timeline in the first movie was so that they could tell stories in a new continuity that was unburdened by ties to the old one. Now that they've established that universe, their goal is to make it stand on its own, to move forward independently of what came before. These guys aren't going to keep the training wheels on and keep clinging to the old continuity. Naturally they're going to focus on their own creation, their own version of the universe.

And of course there's the most conclusive disproof: The movie's been done filming for months, and a pretty full cast list is known even if many of the character names aren't. If any major Trek actors from past series had been cast in the film, we would've known about it long ago.
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