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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I really like season 2 overall. I think it's a lot better than season 1 or the later seasons.

In fact I'd probably put it right behind season 3 and 4 as far as my overall favorites. The highs are really high, and there's only a few lows that are really low. (outrageous okona, shades of gray, up the long ladder, the child i'm lookin at you)

Matter of Honor, Q Who, Measure of a Man, Where Silence has Lease, Contagion, The Royale, Time Squared, Pen Pals, The Emmisary, Peak Performance are all favorites of mine. Even most of the lesser episodes of season 2 aren't that bad.
Agree 100%, and it also had some really high-concept sci-fi in "Contagon", "Time Squared", and "WSHL" as well as retaining a more adventurous feel than in some of the later seasons.
Where Silence Has Lease, Contagion, The Royale, Time Squared are all episodes that have concepts I like, but I only would grade Contagion has even a C, the others below that. But in fact there is a lot of season two like that for me, things that have interesting concepts, but whose execution isn't strong in my opinion. I wold also had Loud as a Whisper (interesting idea, poor final product), Up the Long Ladder (again like the basic idea behind it, but hate the execution.

2nd season I love Q-Who and Measure of a Man 5 Stars in my Book (basically Great Trek).
Chain of Command 4 Stars
Elementary Dear Data good 3.5 Stars
Peak Performance, Pen Pals, Emissary 3.0 Stars
Only shows I would consider above average

Contagion, The Dauphin (I liked the Wesley part the most, go figure), THe Schizoid Man 2.5 stars (average)

THe rest below average
Where Silence Has Lease, Time Squared 2 Stars
The Child, Unnatural Selection, Icarus Factor, Up The Long Ladder 1.5 stars
THe OUtrageous Okona, Loud as a Whisper, The Royale, Samaritan S7are, Man hunt 1.0 stars
Shades of Gray half a star (if I am in a good mood).

So 12 dislike (of which 7 I really, really dislike), 3 I find to be average, 7 I think are better then average (with two classics in the mix).

So while this is an improvement over season one, its more misses for me then hits. But I do like a lot of the improvements the show did make.

And again, Trek is one of teh few shows where I love it even when I think its doing poor work. Celebrate the wins, and enjoy the moments or small bits in the episodes I dislike.

All most all other shows I would never watch with scores lie this (certainly not watch dozens upon dozens of times).
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