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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

Saruman became obsessed with the One Ring almost from the start. When he arrived in Middle Earth he traveled Eastward where he most likely gained much of his knowledge of Sauron's ring. After returning to the west he founded the White Council, not so much for combating Sauron's evil, but as a means of foiling his and the Nazgul's attempt to gain footholds and rise to power. Saurman had befriended the people of Gondor where he learned about how the ring was lost. He became obsessed with finding the Ring and becoming greater than Sauron. He manipulated the Gondorians into giving him Orthanc which was near the Anduin river; knowing it was a logical base of operations since this is where Isildur lost the Ring. He became increasingly isolated at this time. During meetings of the White Council he would manipulate the discussions to hide the fact that he was secretly searching for the Ring. So even at this time Saruman began using unsavory minions (wildmen, outlaws and and probably orcs in some fashion). When he caught on that a ring had been found by Bilbo and Gandalf had knowledge of it he begain building his army. He insisted to the Council that the Ring was lost forever and dissolved the organization. 50 years later when he was about to make his move he used Radagast in a plot to lure Gandalf to him and either try to sway him to his alliegence or eliminate him. The film seems to indicate that Gandalf meet and was imprisoned by Saurman just by happenstance while the book says that it was all plotted out long before.
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