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Re: Q&A with Kirsten Beyer!

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Puts an interesting light on the subject, knowing whether it was her idea and this is the way she'd prefer the storyline to go, or if it was handed down to her, and this is the spin she decided to put on the story given that direction.
Would be interesting to see who made the initial call, since I recall that Peter David mentioned shortly after Before Dishonor came out that the publisher had told him to put that little bit with the female Q and Janeway at the end so that if CBS or Paramount ever wanted too reuse the character in the future, CBS would just have to tell Simon & Schuster "Hey, we need you to bring back Janeway because Paramount's going to be using her in the upcoming movie."

I wonder if JJ Abrams might have a scene with Janeway and a few others talking about what occurred to Prime Spock in the new Star Trek movie, and they wanted to make sure that Janeway was back.
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