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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Something from the 30s can't really be compared to modern movies and TV shows, culturally or business-wise,
Not really what I was getting at, though. The commenter contrasted the vampires of The Strain to a 'traditional' depiction of vampires, and Bela Lugosi is the earliest example offhand of a studly tuxedo-clad vampire I could think of, and very likely the vampire the phrase had in mind.
Or maybe he was thinking aout the vampires played by Gary Oldman, Frank Langella, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or even George Hamilton's comic take, since they're all the same basic type - sexy, seductive and suave. And tragic, can't forget tragic!

But he pretty obviously meant the tuxedo vampires are for girls, so if he meant Lugosi's Dracula, then he thinks Lugosi's Dracula is for girls. That certainly is the ancestor of the suave vampire type that leads straight to Damon Salvatore, who I'm sure has worn a tuxedo at least once.

And come to think of it, the Del Toro vampires are more like the Borg than zombies, with the whole stinger idea. Maybe they aren't part of any vampire tradition and come from space horror.

After all, is it really any different in other media? How many hundreds of murder mysteries or romance novels can you find right next to each other on any bookstore's shelves?
But on the next shelf over, there's a bunch of space opera novels. TV doesn't have that kind of diversity because of the limited number of slots compared with even a bookstore, never mind Amazon's infinite shelf space.

I get annoyed at seeing too much of the same crap taking up the few shelves available. What we need is Amazon for TV, well I know Amazon is trying that. With infinite shelf space, there should be room for underserved genres.
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