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Re: Question: how many TMP era stories?

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Alot of the covers for these are confusing as hell. Doctors Orders had McCoy in his TV show shirt.
Time for Yesterday has Spock in a Blue Wrath of Kahn movie jacket- ive only seen red ones.
Adobe of Life they had movie outfits on
Black Fire is post series i think because they talk about refitting the bridge with all new GREY consoles instead of the colored ones.
Don't forget but The Abode Of Life had Kirk and Spock holding The Cage-era lasers on the cover which was really odd (I realize that Spock did handle a laser in The Cage, but Kirk was never in that pilot and when Kirk did show up in Where No Man Has Gone Before he never held a laser, instead he held that big heating coil-looking rifle---which would be cool to see on a cover someday!)

But also, what about The Entropy Effect and Sulu's late-1970's/early-1980's mustache and hairdo!

But with Time For Yesterday, your copy must be a misprint, since all the covers that I've seen for Time For Yesterday have Spock in the red TWOK coat.
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