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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Something from the 30s can't really be compared to modern movies and TV shows, culturally or business-wise,
Not really what I was getting at, though. The commenter contrasted the vampires of The Strain to a 'traditional' depiction of vampires, and Bela Lugosi is the earliest example offhand of a studly tuxedo-clad vampire I could think of, and very likely the vampire the phrase had in mind.

I'm not thinking about quality so much as ratings in motivating FX's interest.
Well yeah but the issue is what he's influenced by, not what made it make market sense. By the same token, that AMC has Walking Dead and HBO has Game of Thrones means both channels have behemoth (for cable) hits that amount to geeky programming... and of course that FX has had its own horror-themed success with American Horror Story (and one of the few things that show has said they'll never do is vampires), so there's that.
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