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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

^He's certainly been mentioned as a possibility but I don't think they'll decide one way or the other until they know they even have a second film. Personally I'd prefer they hold off on Judge Death until at least the second sequel. The next one need to give us a wider perspective of The Meg, it's denizens and the Justice Department before they attempt anything that outlandish.

Something along the lines of 'America' might be a good way to go. It'd be a good fit if they intend to do something like 'Necropolis' after that as the second one can end with Dredd taking the long walk. Leaving a tidy set-up for the 'Tale of a Dead Man' lead-in for the third film.

Or they could just avoid the epics altogether and stick with the simpler day-to-day story model. There's certainly abundant material for either approach.
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