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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

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I doubt we could justify having movie quality as the ONLY deciding factor.
But you are using the quality of their movies as the sole criteria to justify your rankings, at least that is the only thing you have mentioned in justifying the various positions of the actors you've chosen.
Some of my replies are intentionally flip when I justify one actor over or under another. My true favorites are mostly the final 17 and we'll see how well that goes over. But bringing up specific films, even bad ones, sounds like a good way to keep the debating flowing.
People who are participating in this thread are debating the quality of the actors (and where you have them ranked) and those actors abilities -- you are debating the quality of their movies.
There will be some explanations why I chose who I chose after all 40 are revealed.
This is the other thing that is making this exercise so silly. You have already (supposedly) listed the criteria you are using to rank these actors. Are you now implying that there are other "secret" criteria involved in your process? I would like to engage in a discussion about these actors but the whole thing seems like a joke to me (and that's not because you are being "flip").

Now, if you've been having a few cocktails as you write this stuff, thats okay. Just let us know so we can put it all into proper context.
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