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Re: Did Insurrection kill the TNG franchise?

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I was talking to my wife the other day and she brought up the question as to whether or not Insurrection or Nemesis killed the TNG movie franchise. I happen to think it was Insurrection. I mean after that movie, it was decided that basically they were going to make one more TNG movie, and that's all. For all the Nemesis hate we have (most of it justifiably so), Insurrection seemed to be the one that turned the franchise down the tubes so to speak. I do admit that it must have been hard for Insurrection to live up to the hype because it had to follow First Contact.
You are correct. It was Insurrection that killed the TNG movie franchise. At least for me. I so hated Insurrection that I didn't even bother to go see Nemesis until after it was out on DVD. Insurrection coupled with Voyager and Enterprise put me completely off of Trek and that ain't easy to admit. I've been a fan since I was two years old but I was goddamned if I was gonna stay a fan because the quality had fallen so goddamn low.

Thankfully JJ brought me back to the fold...
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