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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

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The pilot was cool but I don't see how this is a sustainable premise for an entire series. Do the characters sit on the island every episode? Do they infiltrate the mainland? Is each episode about a US spy sneaking onto the island?
Co-Creator Shawn Ryan has acknowledged that this is an important concern:
It's a little bit scary, which I like. I never do things the easy way for whatever reason. We had thought a lot about what season one would be before we ever pitched it to the networks. We thought a lot about what the final episode might be, whether it's in season five, season seven, season nine, whatever. So there was enough there just between the two of us having spent a month half talking about it that I felt that we had a show. You never know for sure until you get into a writer's room and you're trying to break episode 32 whether there is in fact a show, so I can't sit here today and say definitively that I know for sure. I know that we've broken the first six episodes after the pilot and they're all different and I really like them and we haven't lacked for stories there. We know places we're going to go in the final 6 of our 13 episode order, but we'll see.
The entire interview is well worth reading. He drops some small information about a few future episodes too.

Edited to add: CBR has another interview where the breakdown between story locations is addressed.
The show is shot in Los Angeles and Hawaii, so be prepared to see plenty of island scenes. After the pilot sets up Last Resort‘s initial premise, Ryan said the series will spend 60 percent of its time on the island, 20 percent on the sub and 20 percent in Washington. The characters in those locations will interact with each other, even if they’re on the other side of the globe.


Gajdusek and Ryan said during the chat that they feel one of the big things that sets Last Resort apart from Lost is that it’s not dependent on its mystery. Even if they resolved the conflict of who ordered the nukes fired in the pilot, there would still be plenty more to uncover about these characters and their motivations as time went on.

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