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Re: The Sagittarius - Officer Overload?

Okay, exercise time. From Memory Beta:

Assume that the Archer-class scout NEEDS to have the list of crew below aboard under normal circumstances:

Commanding Officer
First Officer
Navigator / Helmsman
Security Chief
Tactical officer
Science officer
Chief Medical Officer
Medical technician
Chief Engineer
Senior Engineer's Mate
Field Scout x 3

There was the position of second officer, but in the history of Starfleet I'm almost certain that this was never an independent position aboard ship under regular circumstances, but rather a title that was combined with another position (i.e. Scotty, Data, Tuvok, etc.). So I've removed it and kept the overall crew count at 14 per other references. As it stands, for the most part in the TOS era even a first officer generally doubles as something else. Similarly, the Sagittarius obstensibly had three "field scouts" aboard, though later on a "recon scout" was assigned, perhaps replacing one of the others, so we'll just keep the over scout count at three for the purposes of this exercise.

Assign a fitting rank to each of the above positions. Feel free to assign a crewman to an officer's position or vice versa, but the overall positions or number thereof should remain the same. Discuss.

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