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Re: There's no one like Kubrick

Real sharks aren't as tenacious as in JAWS as far as we know. Of course, if we believe the final sequel JAWS: THE REVENGE, the latest shark actually carries a blood vendetta against the wife and children of the man who killed two of his fishy relatives. I'll take JURASSIC over JAWS IV. I'm not THAT crazy.

''The original novel has no FX. It seems I really don't get your argument.''

I'm not slamming the book. I'm slamming the film in comparison to what Spielberg is capable of with his other, better films. Perhaps if JURASSIC is preferable to JAWS, to some it may be a generational thing. I was 10 when I saw JAWS but 27 when I saw JURASSIC so I had different reference points. Anyhow, if LINCOLN is at least as good as MUNICH or better I'll be very satisfied.

I also love 2001 and the majority of Hitchcock.
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