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Re: A new movie about the greatest movie ever

''what does the "but-but" mean? I'm curious''

It means very little, Flying Spaghetti Monster. I can't believe what I'm saying. But-but since you asked, it was meant to suggest nervousness of my specific ''persona'' on the second TREK forum, which very few read anyhow. This forum has millions less members.....well, okay, we have four currently including myself, and the but-buts were the only way to get their attention since they're nowhere near as organized as the BBS is. I would never intentionally but-but on the BBS. Just the other forum, because it's intentionally borderline certifiable. I don't suspect it's a good idea to advertise other TREK sites here, but those who want to check out the site can send me a PM and I'll explain how to access it.
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