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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I really like season 2 overall. I think it's a lot better than season 1 or the later seasons.

In fact I'd probably put it right behind season 3 and 4 as far as my overall favorites. The highs are really high, and there's only a few lows that are really low. (outrageous okona, shades of gray, up the long ladder, the child i'm lookin at you)

Matter of Honor, Q Who, Measure of a Man, Where Silence has Lease, Contagion, The Royale, Time Squared, Pen Pals, The Emmisary, Peak Performance are all favorites of mine. Even most of the lesser episodes of season 2 aren't that bad.
Agree 100%, and it also had some really high-concept sci-fi in "Contagon", "Time Squared", and "WSHL" as well as retaining a more adventurous feel than in some of the later seasons.
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