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Re: Could "Star Wars" happen in the 23rd Century Mirror Universe?

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Would ou have preferred that Trek 09 had been a flop and killed the franchise for good?
Better than a WTF mutation catered for the average dumb, joe sixpack, since that's all that Hollywood caters to these days.
Since any Star trek movie is going to be a dumb action-fest, because that's how movies are nowadays, unless they're fall-release Oscar bait, the alternative is no movie at all. So if you don't like it, you don't have to watch. You're not going to get the movie you want because nobody's going to fund it.

The true value in Abrams' movies is that they increase the odds of Trek returning to TV from zero to something more than zero. Movies are a sea of stupidity, but there are some very smart and worthwhile TV shows on cable, and that's where Star Trek could be worthwhile again.

From TWOK forward, Trek films have had more action adventure content. Though TOS was an action adventure show with a fair amount of fights, explosions ( on a modest TV budget) and daring-do. Star Trek 09 is in keeping with that "tradition".
Yeah, the movie wasn't dumb in the context of Star Trek movies as a whole, which are hardly either intellectual or great art, and compared with other recent action flicks, it comes off very well by comparison. But the core of the franchise was never movies, it was always TV. Star Trek needs to return to the medium it is adapted to. Two hours every few years isn't enough time to do much at all.
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