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Re: How did TMP get a G rating?

Christopher wrote: View Post
Ratings today are considerably "deflated" from where they were in the '70s, as the G rating has become box-office death and even kid-oriented movies seek PG ratings. There was a time when a PG-rated movie could actually have nudity in it, as in Clash of the Titans, because at the time it was perceived as an older-skewing rating than it is now. I daresay it was the "deflation" of the PG rating that made it necessary to create the PG-13 rating for edgier films. Indeed, even some G-rated movies had nudity and sexual content back then; to quote TV Tropes:
Planet of the Apes was rated G and you saw Charlton Heston's bare butt, not to mention all the violence, "damn dirty ape" and "God damn you all to hell!" The G-rated The Andromeda Strain also had bare butts along with a dead woman's breasts. Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger was rated G and it showed Jane Seymour naked and almost raped. The John Wayne True Grit has a scene with Dennis Hopper's fingers getting chopped off by a psychopath. Olivia Hussey's nipples didn't block a G rating for Romeo and Juliet.
So at the time, the G rating was seen more as a "family" rating than strictly a "tiny children only" rating -- closer to how we see PG today. After all, the G stands for "general audiences."

As for language, according to the transcript, there are three occurrences of "hell" (more times than it was used as a profanity in the entirety of TOS) and four of "damn/ed."
Ratings are fucked up and carry no real meaning for movies today. They've boiled down to nothing more than another segment of the marketing of a film.

The system as it currently exists needs to be tossed, the MPAA needs to be taken out, and a proper content based rating system like the one used for TV programs needs to be installed.

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It should be noted that subtle changes in the ST:TMP Director's Edition earn it a modern PG rating.
TMP DE had to be resubmitted to the MPAA for ratings in order for it to be shown in theaters/sold on DVD as a rated film and not an unrated cut of a rated film.

This was a clear example of how arbitrary and pointless the ratings are, and how as Christopher so well put above, has become deflated.
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