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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
It's extraordinary how much of pop culture is driven by ancient gender stereotypes. Nobody got the memo that the 21st century is here.
Network TV will never get that memo. Their business is built on stereotypes because that's the easiest way to sell airtime to advertisers. And it looks like it's having a strong influence on basic cable too, not surprising since they are partly ad-based as well.

And there's always the possibility that their mean-spirited stereotypes are largely correct.

Kegg wrote: View Post
The gender comments are interesting as the contrast is given between del Toro's vampires and 'traditional' 'tuxedo-clad studs,' which seems a pretty explicit nod to Bela Lugosi's Dracula, who comes from a movie I haven't often heard said to skew female.
Something from the 30s can't really be compared to modern movies and TV shows, culturally or business-wise, but just imagine how that would play if released today. It would be far too slow and lacking in gore for the modern movie audience.

In fairness, of the shows on that list I've seen (basically all but Luther, Sons of Anarchy and Philadelphia) I'd consider them all better TV shows than Walking Dead.
I'm not thinking about quality so much as ratings in motivating FX's interest. I'm sure they are expecting it to have the same sort of audience appeal.

And TWD seems like a perfectly respectable show in terms of quality anyway. I know S2 was slow at times but I appreciated the time they took to build the characters and their relationships. It can't be all mayhem, all the time. That would be exhuasting for the audience and expensive for the production.

Ron Moore is adapting The Knights Tale for ABC. Not really genre, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway...
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