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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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Fan productions change what star trek looks like, and therefore I tend to lose the familiarity, closely followed by my interest.
Well, given enough time, actual canonical Star Trek productions change what Star Trek looks like, too. Fan productions don't have a corner on the market for making changes in the Star Trek universe. After nerarly fifty years, the Star Trek universe has changed--sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically.

And, for that matter, after fifty years, even real universes change, too. I'd be surprised if the Star Trek universe exists in some kind of statis chamber--impervious to the effects of time.
Its true that even the cononical star trek will change with time, though with fan productions the longevity is not necessarily gauranteed and coincidentily is more difficult to become familiar with characters, ships, environment, especially if there are changes to what is expected from a certain era. And that's where my reservation lies.
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