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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Yep; I recently switched my Engineer from cruisers to a Heavy Escort Carrier, and I'm having more fun.
Yeah, I played a cruiser while going through the levels, and even bought the GAL-X at the end. It was the easiest way to survive while playing solo through the missions.

Once you get to the end, though, really need the DPS that the escort brings.

And once you fly the escort, and gear yourself up for it properly, you really can't go back. Tanking is useful in a team, but it's boring. You can't turn, you just broadside and see how much damage you can take before you pop.

The Escort lets you zip around, pour way more fire onto the enemy, and actually steer the ship a bit. And since most of the bad guys are all screwed up and 1-shot you if you get hit anyway, the extra hull rarely gives you much. I can survive against a couple enemies just fine, and have stuff to heal and get back in. If a cube pops me, nothing I can do anyway. And in the meanwhile, I'm doing a ton more damage, and it's more fun to fly.
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