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Re: Generations deleted scenes

No, it was on a DVD. I don't know what medium it was originally on. I guess tape or 35mm.

Very cool. It's B & W, no opening credits, it runs from the simulater scene to the exact point where Spock leaves his station (to fix the engines). We assume it ends there to keep the ending secret to whoever might see it back in 1982.

It has no musical score except some very inappropriate stock music layed over the stock FX fottage from TMP as they leave drydock. It has no FX (except as above) at all and most of the V.O. stuff (intercom voices, communicator voices, computer voices) are being read by script persons-male and female.

It does include almost every famous deleted scene that you might know fropm the script (which you can read at Trekcore and other places online).

Saavik's Rom heritage scene in full
Kirk trying on the glasses
David bemoaning Starfleets lazziness
the mentioning of Sulu's promotion to captain of Excelsior
the mentioning of Marla by name by Khan
Terrell tricking Beach and Kyle into beaming guests aboard
the mentioning by Kirk that Chekov is serving on Reliant
the original Kirk/David fight that David wins.
the 'Eden cave' dialogue of Saavik/Davids attraction

and YES Chekov/Terrell finding the child outside and then inside the cargo carrier!

and a lot of other stuff.
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