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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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Grant, what does one need to do to have access to view that ST II print? I know much of Nick Meyer's documents are available:

But I was unaware of this print. I used to handle prints for Paramount, including final prints going to the Library of Congress. Yes they have a print of everything.... including Pootie Tang....
Well, you need to go to California. Make an appt. with the UCLA film and television archive and have an excuse to see it. (Like research, etc.)

I recently visited Ca. and my 2 nephews set it up as a gift for their old foggy uncle Trek fan--me.

I don't think they had to pull too many strings but you cant just walk in and say I'd like to watch some Star Trek.

It was a sublime experience after first reading about the TWOK deleted scenes in the Making of star Trek II book in 1982 and being obsessed ever since.

Another poster on these threads trailblazed this path and made me aware last year of this little-known treasure and I finally got to go out west and see it for myself!
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