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Re: There's no one like Kubrick

All too true. FULL METAL was a summer movie, and it was the closest thing Kubrick ever got to a popcorn movie....which is to say, not very. Technically, people ate popcorn watching it, but that's not the same thing. But when Lee Ermey cuts loose on his men, those are the film's popcorn moments. I also follow your distinctions.

Tom Servo: What kid dies during the novel Jurassic Park? I just re read it, and not one kid does, unless you're counting the baby in a scene with the compys, which would have an unnecessary scene for the film. If you're gonna call out Spielberg for removing something, get your facts straight.

Jurassic Park is a fantastic film, and is the upper level of the big budget summer blockbuster. There is a reason that it is revered as it is today, besides its revolutionary VFX work. If that weren't the case it'd simply be another The Last Starfighter. ''

Me: Take away the FX work, and what's left? What's the other reason it's revered? It's a massive moneymaker, but so are Adam Sandler and Preparation H. The difference between it, JAWS and RAIDERS is painfully clear. And one kid does die: the baby. Babies are kids. That's a straight fact.

Not that I'm calling for Spielberg to get all bloodthirsty on infants a la the horrible AVP 2 REQUIEM, but for me JP was all predictability by-the-numbers with a third-rate story in comparison to Spielberg's better works. Even those not reading the book could tell who would die and who would not. There's good popcorn movie like RAIDERS and JAWS, because of their stories. Then there's JURASSIC.
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