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Re: Best and worst comic book movies

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Best: Ghost World, Kick-Ass.
Worst: Super Girl.

Super Girl doesn't have a single redeeming thing in it. Not even Peter O'Toole can save it. I suppose straight guys and lesbians might enjoy staring at Helen Slater, but other than that . . .
I wouldn't say Supergirl is "THE" worst,but the plot of the story was ridiculous,with the bad witch story,and how she comes to and leave earth [jump out of and back in the water] WTF
would have been better if the villain had been an evil genius.

OK now my choices of bests and worstes are.

Captain America "The First Avenger"
Batman Begin
Batman The Dark Knight
Blade trilogy
X-Men trilogy "also Wolverine Origin and X-Men First Class"
Fantastic Four 1 and 2 "yeah i know some hate them,but i like them""

Captain America [the 1991 version]"
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