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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

69. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies: A-
70. Halloween 4:Return of Michael Myers: A-
71. Halloween 5:Revenge of Michael Myers: B+
72. Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers: B
73. Halloween H2O: A
74. Halloween Resurrection: C+

Playing catch up with my list

S/B-Public Enemies is really best described as Superman/Batman vs the DC Universe. It's a fun film filled with moments you'd like if superhero slugfests are something you enjoy. They not only fight most major villains but President Luthor sends traditional heroes against them as well such as Captain Atom, Power Girl, Black Lightning, Hawkman, Captain Marvel and a few others.

Halloween saga: As a whole I really enjoy the saga of Michael Myers. Saw H3-Season of the Witch earlier this year as well. I'm not sure why producer Mustapha Akkad made three continuities with the films but he did.
The Laurie Strode films: Halloween, H2, H20, HR
Jaime Lloyd films: Halloween 4-Curse
Season of the Witch is it's own thing(but could tie in with Samhain Cult imo)

Being that Jaime is daughter of Strode ties her to Myers and thus the saga as a whole it's a shame they skipped all this when H2O came out. I feel 4-6 with Myers and the cult of Samhain/Thorn help explain some of his "pure evil" which Loomis always described him as.

The tidbits of actor recognition that mean more now than when I first saw them are Joseph Gordon Levitt in H2O and Katee Sackhoff in Resurrection. Resurrection is by far the least enjoyable of the series but has modern cultural relevancy as it was already cashing in on "shaky cam" and "reality tv" as a means of entertainment.

Because I like the Mustapha Akkad films so much I've yet to tolerate the idea of watching the Rob Zombie versions.
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