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Re: Glee - Season Four

I watched the Brittany 2.0 episode last light and thought it was okay. That's high praise from me since I generally loathe the theme episodes.

The good: I love Marley so far. I take back dismissing her as simply the new Rachel. I hope they keep her character down to earth as well. As farcical as Glee can get at times, it would be great to have someone play the perpetual straight man. Also, it's good to see Brittany finally realize that flunking senior year will have some major negative consequences.

The bad: Brittany's downfall being an act seriously undercut the emotional weight of the story. Wade/Unique. I'm not sold on the character and would have liked it if her part in this episode had been given to one of the established glee club girls like Tina or Sugar.

The Meh: Something big needs to happen in New York because I'm having a real hard time giving a crap.
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