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Re: TOS Caption Contest # 266 What is IT??

Ooh, that is my caption. I won! Neat.

"Nice suspender you got there, kid. It'd be a real shame if something were to happen to it."

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Losira: "I must touch you James Kirk ... but what are you doing back there?"
Kirk: "Well, there's a slight upward slope back here."
Losira: "The height thing?"
Kirk: "Yeah."
Losira: "I got the opposite thing, I said put me in flats.'
Kirk: "But they wouldn't, would they."
Losira: "They said everyone has to be in heels. I'm a freaking bean pole."
Kirk: "You look fine dear."
Losira: "I like to slow dance barefoot though."
Kirk: "Really?"
Losira (reaches for Kirk's hand): "Here, let me show you."
(extends his hand): "Okay."
(whispering to McCoy): "Oh, she's good."
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