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Re: Did Insurrection kill the TNG franchise?

yes. It came right after the big success that was FC, and did more than $20 million less in box office. After doing an ambitious, fun action blockbuster in FC, for some reason they did a 180 and decided to do a lame, boring movie about an unsympathetic group of people that no one cared about.

I get that they didn't want to try to "top" FC, but you don't radically depart from the very things that made your extremely successful movie a success in the first place. "well, first contact did great, so let's make a movie that's like it's opposite. Unambitious, uninteresting, lame humor, a lame dilemma, and lame villains."

Nemesis wasn't so great, but it was better than INS. At least it had ambition.
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