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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

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I was just curious...who and how would you bring a TNG character into the JJ-verse Trek for a one time cameo or role.
I emphatically wouldn't. I can't remotely fathom what the appeal would be. TNG forged it's own creative direction, with so very few references to Trek's history. I would save all the characters for if/when they jumped forward in Trek's chronology to make Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Movie.

It's stupid, I know but I'm trying my best to see how we could get a TNG character in new Trek outside of playing someone's distant relative, i.e. Colonel Worf.
I have a great deal of difficulty understanding the appeal of this. Why do it? I ran away from the novels when they went crossover-crazy years back. Pass the torch, pass the torch, I'm sick of the damn torch. F*** the torches and the crossovers! What's the appeal?! Obviously it requires formidable logic-hoops to jump through, without even sorting out how the character would interact in a time and place and with characters where they don't belong. Why is this in any way desirable?
Dax exists in the JJ Abrams Universe, a character simply has to be old enough to live in both centuries, they could bring Dax into a movie and have another actor play him or her very easily.

Guinan could also make an appearance since she also lived in the 19th century.

Q could certainly make a show, they might get a different actor to play him, but no matter.
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