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Re: Warehouse 13 Season 4 (discussion, spoilers)

It gets sillier and sillier with each passing day, though. At what point is the cut-off for a reversal? And if you negate the artifact in order to reverse all of its effects -- something that clearly happens based on past evidence -- does that mean nearly all of recent history is wiped out in the snap of a finger? It's not like Artie is the only person to have used it; I believe it was Brother Adrian himself who said the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution was the most recent example of the 'great evil' that was unleashed. And since it was, and we all know about it, it clearly wasn't reversed. So, at the very least, time should be reversed to that period of time, no?

Also, wasn't the astrolabe specifically mentioned to be a sanctioned failsafe should anything happen to the Warehouse? I'm almost positive that was the case, which is how Artie learned of it to begin with.
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