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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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Yep, officially don't like it.. ah well.
Why is it the majority of fan productions feel it necessary to remove the familiarity from whatever they produce? ie: banding on uniforms, or combadge alterations? I get the same feeling with things like that as I do when I see a wobbly set. :/

I never understood why people complained so much about fan productions... you'd think they paid to watch them or something.
Because if you put something out for public approval, expect praise AND critisim. And I don't think there's a great deal of complaining going on about fan productions, it's just the negative comments are more likely to get disagreed with.

If someone says 'Great!' no one bats an eye-lid.
However say 'I hate this!', and everyone rally's.

Even so, my general critism is that fan productions change what star trek looks like, and therefore I tend to lose the familiarity, closely followed by my interest.

I'm not angry about it, I just have my view... and I enjoy productions that fit my views of what star trek should be.

All the best.
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