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That's unfortunately how it is in real life as well, isn't it.
Right now there's yet another round of debates going on about teaching evolution or creationism in schools--particularly in the midwest.

The main problem besides a dozen others is that it assumes that only the Judeo/christian version of creation should be taught taught as opposed to say the Hindu or New Age version of how the universe was created.

Distorted Humor wrote: View Post
I like "Hands of the Prophets" as I am a deeply religious person who has no problem with Science and my faith. It always annoys me that those who do not have faith assume that I do not believe in science. That throwaway line endeared me to the episode.
The funny thing with DS9 and the Bajorans, is that it's not a matter of wondering whether the "Prophets" exist, it's whether to address them by their religious title, or Starfleet's scientific designation.

I could never understand why Winn was so upset over the religious terminology.

At least I would be happy to know that the higher power I was taught to believe in, actually exists with an actual location I could find

Drago-Kazov wrote: View Post
Doesnt Trek say that basically everybod/every race can evolve into energy beings?
I wonder how the bad eneergy beings came to be like Nagilum.
I always thought the idea was cool.

I think that's Trek's version of salvation--heck, it's their only version of salvation.

Trek is some ways has a deeply materialistic and atheistic view.

They repeatedly say humans in the 24th century solved their problems and created paradise without any aid from religion or the 'gods'.

So it seems that their only other slavation is for humans to one day evolve into some higher life form.

It looks like evolution doesn't care about the morals of the creatures that evolve. There seem to be a lot of evil, nasty beings that have evolved beyond humanoids.

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