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Re: TNG Caption This! 283: Ready to roll!

Missed the last one, oops!

Picard: Four paternity tests does not prove it!
Data: Denial is the often the first symptom of parenthood, sir.

Data: But after I installed my emotion chip, I found that pushing Doctor Crusher over the ledge was extremely funny. Is inconsistency a trait of human emotions?

Crusher: At least Data's not here. I swear he rigs the deck.
Riker: Well, I have the best card sense ever!
LaForge: My visor can see through the cards.
Troi: My empathy can detect when people are bluffing
Worf: I will disembowl anyone who beats me.
All: Fold

Worf: I really can replicate you some Depends, sir.

Picard: This is a completely intolerable situation.
Riker: I can replicate you some viagra, the stuff works great!
Picard: How do you know?
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