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Re: About planetary gravity

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My first real sense of what it would be like to visit and alien planet was in my first trip to the southern hemisphere. I remember looking up at an utterly unfamiliar night sky, and as a stargazing buff, that ranked as one of the coolest moments in my memory. Second was watching a full Moon rise in Auckland, and noting that the Moon appeared to be laying on it's side compared to how I was used to seeing it, as I was standing at about 90 degrees to how I stand back home.
I also had my first sense of an alien planet when I went to to the Soutern Hemisphere on a trip to Australia. The plane landed, and after some time debating with the natives, I was perterbued, more than perturbed, irate, that a day of my life had been lost in transit. Just gone. Never happened. I didn't exist for an entire day of Earth's history, ad couldn't have affected events in any way. That was extremely disempowering and humbling.

Then I noticed that people were walking on the ceiling because we were underneath the planet, and things went downhill from there...
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