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I'm on the fence about this. On the one hand, YAY! More Trek! On the other hand, what is there left new to do or discover with Worf that hasn't been done already?

So the idea of using Worf as the focal point for a new series doesn't exactly feel me with a great deal of enthusiasm or excitement.

Plus, again with the Klingons? Maye he can find some Borg to fight. That's an idea that's never been done.
I would have to agree. I'm really pretty 'meh' towards the concept.

Worf was a decent character but on TV he was used and used and used to the point where there really isn't much more that can be explored with him. He was never my favourite character, but he was well written and acted and definately helped to beef out the Klingons. But they've been done to death (even B'Elanna "I hate everything Klingon" Torres somehow shifted to being a supporter and hanging a bat'leth in her quarters).
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