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Re: Going into a movie blind

I went to see Remo Williams: the Adventure Begins knowing nothing at all, nadda!. I was pulled in by the action, the story, the music (with it's Indiana Jones-like theme!)the comedy, but mainly the characters. When Remo was balancing on something, I was on the edge of my seat wondering if he'd fall. I still don't know how they safely filmed the scene where Remo is and his master are running along the side of a tall building.

But it came to the characters, the funny/serious interplay between Joel Grey as Chiun and Fred Ward as Remo, right down to their final lines. I found myself caring - really caring - when it was revealed in the middle of the film that part of Chiun's contract was that he would have to kill Remo if it was necessary for the agency to disappear.

It was the first film I saw with my buddies with no parents around and I was hooked. I loved and still do.
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