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Re: Going into a movie blind

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Has anyone ever gone to see a movie without having seen anything about it beforehand?
I actually had the advantage of seeing The Matrix that way. Long enough that it made it to the video rental place. What miniscule information I had about it lead me to believe that it was just going to be another insipid hacker flick like the one Angelina Jolie was in, maybe taking place in a future earth or something. While it's not the greatest movie ever, I was completely blown away by it once it dawned on me what was going on. I have no doubt that my ignorance of what it was contributed significantly to that.

Now with movies advertising years ahead of their release and the utter impossibility of avoiding things if you surf the web to any significant degree, it's nigh impossible for me to have that experience. It's usually only independent or little known films that catch me by surprise now. Chocolat, Memento, and Being John Malcovich are some notable examples for me, and I ended up loving all three.

While people won't admit it to themselves, going in with expectations is the major way of insuring that you're going to hate a film, especially if you go in hating it already. Which, honestly, is something I will never understand. But, c'est la vie.
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