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Re: Galileo 7 Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

A few clarifications:

these are aliens not humans; what are you thinking?
If these were insectoids with three heads, then this might be relevant. But these are Star Trek humanoids, perfectly mimicking humanity save for the one quirk-of-the-week, in this case humungous size. Spock would have no reason to think their behavior would deviate from the expected.

And we can easily tell how humans making Folsom points would behave in the given environment and situation...

the word "water" was never mentioned in the episode
There was plenty of mist around, easy to collect and drink. Unless all of the victims had forgotten the very basics of their supposed survival training.

OTOH, since water was never mentioned, we could simply assume our heroes had plenty of it. No reason was given for them losing it, after all.

Cavemen have no reason to fanatically keep banging their heads against a brick wall (or, given the brick-busting physical qualities of these ones, a steel wall). If they notice the arrivals can easily kill, then they withdraw.


while not attempting to use the stun is an oversight of the writers, it might be better to just imagine in your head that they found out the stun setting doesn't work on these creatures, and it was determined off screen.
But it was determined on screen: our sidekicks failed to kill the creatures despite scoring hits on them (unless Gaetano was mistaken about scoring that hit). This would only be possible if they used a low setting, because high settings vaporize solid matter regardless of whether that matter is strong and brave or weak and wimpy.

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