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Re: There's no one like Kubrick

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There are good and bad popcorn movies. JURASSIC PARK and INDIANA JONES IV need lots more work than JAWS or RAIDERS. I prefer SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and MUNICH to even SCHINDLER'S LIST, incidentally. But I don't like Spielberg to be gutless, as when he takes out a kid's death from Crichton's novel despite having freaked us out with Alex Kintner's death in JAWS, or eliminating the guns from his classic E.T. over 20 years later while taking all the drama from the scene just because he claims he thought he made a mistake. He made a mistake by changing it in the first place, so he changed it back after getting scores of millions for the second version of E.T. Are we supposed to believe he's as dumb as George Lucas? Why didn't he remove the guns from SCHINDLER'S LIST or take out the dead girl in the red clothes if he's against children at risk? Pardon the digression. But Kubrick had guts in every movie and was willing to unsettle his audience, including his summer popcorn film FULL METAL JACKET.
What kid dies during the novel Jurassic Park? I just re read it, and not one kid does, unless you're counting the baby in a scene with the compys, which would have an unnecessary scene for the film. If you're gonna call out Spielberg for removing something, get your facts straight.

Jurassic Park is a fantastic film, and is the upper level of the big budget summer blockbuster. There is a reason that it is revered as it is today, besides its revolutionary VFX work. If that weren't the case it'd simply be another The Last Starfighter.
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