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Re: Tech update in Star Trek

Star Trek (more so in TNG) actually made a point to consult some of the biggest minds in theoretical physics to get their facts straight and tried to act, in part, as a side board for education. Heck, some stations actually ran TNG back in the late 80s as an E/I show (No, I wouldn't call it that necessarily, but some of the things that got counted *IS* ridiculous).

TNG sure didn't go into the detail the various tech manuals did, but you betcha it was generally the basis for what they squeezed into the show. Given, some writers were much better at using it, some writers just threw out terms that sounded cool and some used it as a crutch even when it didn't make sense.

I guess what I am saying is SOME OF THE TIME, they tried to make it accurate based on what was the current days understanding. How often is "some of the time" --- I'd need to do a ton of research to give you an answer =(.
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