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Multiple Games with Openings..

While talking with a few friends about the need for a few more players in our games, the suggestion came up to come here and post an advertisement for the games / groups and so that if anyone out there is interested they can come take a peek. So..

I decided it can't hurt take a quick moment and make one post for several games which have current openings for players. Below you'll find information and links to four Star Trek RPGs all of which have openings for players now.

If you're interested, check them out and join up. The games are easy going, relaxed atmosphere and a lot of fun.

So..without further ado, the following RPG games each have current available openings. All four operate using the Nova web gaming system, so please check the 'Personel > Open Positions' links to see what is currently available.

Thank you!


Star Trek: The New Frontiers RPG

The Dominion War hasn't happened yet. The Borg haven't been encountered yet.

The year is 2264 the year that the historic five year mission was to start. Only this isn't your father's Star Trek anymore.

Thanks to an incredible battle that began in the 25th century. The former crew of the USS Chimera NCC-82002 have found themselves in a new alternate reality. One they have pledged to protect as if it were their own by all possible means. The truth about them is only known to a handful of people.


Star Trek: Voyager RPG

A re-imaged version of the series, taking the basic concept of <em>Voyager</em> and having a little fun with it as we go! We have a few positions open at the moment, please check the ship personnel page for current open positions.


U.S.S. Nautilus RPG

Someone, or something, has begun to manipulate the time stream - causing small, apparently unimportant shifts in the timeline. Whoever is behind these shifts must be found and stopped, before a major change occurs...


U.S.S. Victory-A RPG

The U.S.S. Victory-A RPG is a member of Task Force 38, Bravo Fleet.

After a brief hiatus, we are attempting to get back on track with a new website, a new CO and currently have several key positions available for interested candidates to apply for.

To view current openings, visit the Personnel Page and click on 'Open Positions'
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